Metal Letters and Logos

Metal letters and Logos:
Individual cut metal lettering unlike other materials can be produced are manufactured using Lasers, CNC or Waterjet and in some instances hand cut.
Flat cut letters can be produced using  variety of materials ranging from but not limited to include: steel / stainless steel / mild steel /polished stainless steel or satin  / brushed stainless steel Рcopper brass and aluminium are material we most frequently supply.

Laser Cut Letters and shapes / Logos:

Water Jet Cut Letter and Shapes / Logos:

Water jet Cutting would you believe is not actually cut by water, the water is only the carrier of material called Garnet that actual does the cutting.
Like most CNC machines a Water jet cutter works on an X and Y Axis using a vector created artwork that utilises the high high water pressure to carry the Garnet to the cutting head.


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